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Scarlett Kramer Speaking In Ilocano Is The Cutest Thing We've Seen All Day

'Apay nga nag pudot? Nyamet!'
PHOTO: Instagram/dougkramer

Scarlett Kramer, who's turning 10 this December, just flexed an amazing skill on Instagram: speaking phrases in Ilocano!

Doug Kramer took to Instagram on April 30, Friday, to showcase just how much his daughter knows about the language.

"Ilocano time with Scarlett!" he wrote. "In demand by her fans, this is Scarlett's Ilocano time! Para kinya yu amin daytuy apo!"


In his video post, Doug said that a lot of the Kramer family's fans have been requesting that they do "Ilocano time," or show clips of them speaking in Ilocano. Doug revealed that because his mom is from Baccuit Norte, Bauang, La Union, and because he and his baby sister Brandy Kramer-Tolentino would visit the province growing up, they easily grasped the language.

As a result, Scarlett would hear them speaking Ilocano at home and learned several phrases, like, "Apay nga nag pudot? Nyamet!" ("Why is it so hot?"), or "Idarum ka kini mamang!" ("I'm going to tell Mommy about you!").

She says it's even better when you deliver the lines "faster and louder." LOL.

Scarlett even pretended to be a mom scolding her malikot kid (played by her baby brother Gavin Kramer), "Gunggunam! Nag tangkun gamin ulum!" ("Serves you right! You're so hard-headed!"). LOL, even Gavin knew how to retort in Ilocano.

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So cute when kids speak in other languages! More "Ilocano time with Scarlett" vids, please!