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Here's The Sweetest Secret Message In Ariana Grande's 'Sweetener'


Sweetener, aka one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, is Ariana Grande's greatest work yet. (If you don't already have it on repeat, you should educate yourself and download the whole album N-O-W.)

Of course, like all good music stans, Ari's listeners have already dissected basically every single lyric—and then some, like this compilation of every time she says the word "yuh" across the whole album:

And their latest find will absolutely blow your mind: a secret message that many believe might be from her late grandfather, hidden in her bop "Breathin."

A clip from the very beginning of the song has been circulating the Twitterverse to much acclaim. When played normally, you can hear a voice saying, well, gibberish, but as highlighted by BuzzFeed, if you listen to it IN REVERSE (because of course!) you can clearly hear someone saying, "Tonight's your special night, do something magical." No joke! Listen to it yourself.


The tweet has since been deleted but you can listen to the reverse recording here:

Many are claiming that the voice belongs to Ari's late grandpa, who passed away in 2014. Less than a month before the singer dropped Sweetener, she dedicated a post to her grandfather on the anniversary of his death, with the caption, "miss n love u forever my best friend #4years."

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While Ariana and her team have yet to comment on whether this is all true or not, the theory has certainly caught on, and people are getting very emotional about it. So until we hear back from Ari herself, listen along and, you know, pass the tissues.

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