Selena Gomez's 25th Birthday Party Was The Chillest, Sweetest Event Ever

The Weeknd wasn't there, but he had a good excuse.
PHOTO: Getty

Selena Gomez's 25th birthday party was the ~super chill~ birthday parties of your dreams. It started at 8 a.m. in the morning and involved cake. Basically, it was perfect.

Let's go down the Instagram worm hole and get very jealous of her low-key festivities, filled with balloons and even more cake.

Selena also graced her fans with an Instagram Live session to celebrate—and to talk about the whereabouts of her boyfriend, The Weeknd. (Spoiler: He's in Paris performing, and they're probably already together as you finish reading this.)


Finally, Selena's longtime assistant, Theresa Mingus, shared some more cute pics to her Insta story:


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