Selena Completed A Treatment Program For Anxiety, Depression

The program took place in NYC, and the she reportedly feels 'very empowered.'
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PEOPLE is reporting that Selena Gomez recently completed a two-week program to treat anxiety and depression in New York City. One source tells PEOPLE that the singer and actress wanted to "get away and focus on herself with no distractions," adding that Selena "came back feeling very empowered" following the treatment.

The Blast, the first to report Selena's treatment news, notes that the on-site program included therapy, healthy meals, Pilates, and mediation. Us Weekly also reported on the treatment, turning to a source who says that Selena "feels great" after the treatment and that she kept in touch with a "supportive" Justin Bieber the whole time. The same source adds that Selena "wanted to clear her mind" following everything that happened in recent months. This is likely referring to the reported Jelena reunion and Selena's current relationship with her mother Mandy Teefy. In December 2017, Selena's mom said that while she was "not happy" about Jelena giving things another go, her daughter can live "however she wants as long as she is happy, safe, and healthy."

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Selena has previously been outspoken about her mental and physical health. In March 2017, Selena told Vogue that she started to have panic attacks on tour, which increasingly became "a really lonely place" for her. "Basically I felt I wasn't good enough, wasn't capable," she said, adding that she was worried about impressing her fans, who were now older and into "smoking and drinking" at her shows.

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Six months later, Selena revealed that thanks to her friend and actress Francia Raisa, she received a kidney transplant after suffering from arthritis and kidney failure related to her Lupus. She later said on The Today Show, "I don't think what we went through was easy. I don't think it was fun. I hope this inspires people to feel good, to know there is really good people in the world."

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