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Selena, Sofia, And Hailey React To Justin Bieber's ~*Drama*~

Here's what the girls did after the Biebs deleted his IG account.
PHOTO: (HAILEY) Ivan Nikolov/, (SOFIA) V. Smith/, (SELENA) Brian To/

The past few days haven’t been so kind to Justin Bieber. For starters, he was excessively trolled online for supposedly dating 17-year-old model Sofia Richie, after posting photos on Instagram. His ex Selena Gomez then accused him of being ungrateful to his fans and cheating on herresulting in the Biebs finally deleting his IG account.


Since Justin withdrew from the online realm (for now, that is), three of the girls who’ve been linked to him have weighed in on the sitch.

This is what the girls had to say:

Selena Gomez

Selena posted this short cryptic message on Snapchat just mere minutes after the Biebs deleted his IG account. Do you think this is her way of saying sorry?


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Sofia Richie

Justin's current flame has since disabled comments on her IG account. No more trolls and snake emojis for this girl!

Note: A Twitter account posing as Sofia also surfaced with Tweets about the whole Bieber issue. Sofia has no official Twitter account. 

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey, Justin’s fling over the New Year holidays, tweeted that she’d rather be excluded from this narrative. *winks*

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