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Why 'Set It Up' Is Our Current Netflix Obsession

We. Can't. Get. Enough.Of. It.
PHOTO: Set It Up/Netflix

WARNING: This post contains spoilers about Set It Up.

Netflix won hearts all over the world with their recently released original movie The Kissing Booth, and followed it up with their newest feature Set It Up. Coming out with another chick flick, the popular streaming site sure knows the way to our hopeless romantic hearts!

How It Goes

If you're still skeptical to watch because of the movie's ~predictability~, I'll have to let you know that the film scored a whopping 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. So even if you ~know~ what's coming, Set It Up is sure to surprise you. 

The movie's plot comes as no surprise just by watching the trailer, so it's probably best not to go looking for major plot twists from the film. Two overworked yet unfulfilled employees conspiring to make their miserable bosses happy by setting them up, and of course the classic rom-com touch of having them fall for each other along the way—yep, right on the dot. But even with its formulaic storyline, we still can't. get. enough. of. this. movie. Falling in love with someone who's been right in front of you all along? Pure on-screen magic.

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The Assistants

Being a self-proclaimed rom-com critic, I firmly believe that rom-coms are made up of 50 percent on-screen chemistry, and the cast of Set It Up passes with flying colors.

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Harper, the cute but coy assistant to a bigtime editor-in-chief of an online sports journal, is played by Zoey Deutch, whom you might remember from the movie Before I Fall.

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Glen Powell plays Charlie, the charming yet cocky assistant of a high-strung finance mogul. I guess you could say he's pretty cute too.

I don't know about you, but these two look hella adorkable together! Individually, they bring a lot of personality to their characters but put them together and you can see that their chemistry is undeniable.

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The Bosses

Let's not forget the reason this story came into existence: the horrible bosses.

Who better to play Kirsten, the fierce and fabulous editor-in-chief of an online sports journalism empire, than one of Charlie's Angels, Lucy Liu?

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The answer is no one.

Rent original cast member and Broadway superstar Taye Diggs plays Rick, Charlie's rigid and intimidating, yet totally dashing and swoon-worthy boss.

The Fans

Now that you've heard it from me, hear what other fans have to say about the rom-com of the season!

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There's more...

Immediately after the film's release, Zoey posted yet another adorkable picture on her Instagram account with the caption: 

"So ummm... do we get to make a second or wut @netflix "

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All I can say is YAAAAAS!

Whether or not a sequel of Set It Up will be in the works, Netflix is still on a rom-com roll! 
With a lineup of upcoming chick flicks, they sure know how to keep us wanting for more. 


Here's an uber CUTE video of Glen and Zoey re-enacting iconic Filipino rom-com lines:

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