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8 *Essential* Facts About Seth Fedelin

Seth is a self-confessed shy boy!
seth fedelin facts and trivia
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/imsethfedelin

Seth Fedelin is on his way to becoming the next-generation charmer, not only because of his captivating visuals but also because of his upbeat personality and promising talent. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him rise through the ranks to become a sought-after star one day! Get to know more about the 19-year-old here.

Here are a few things to know about Seth Fedelin:

1. Seth is the kuya of the family.

Seth Yancy Fedelin was born on July 9, 2002. Seth is the eldest son in the Fedelin household. He has three other siblings: two boys and one girl. Seth is quite the family man, too! His next goal right now is to be able to build a house for him and his family.

And in case you're wondering, Seth is 100 percent Pinoy! Many might assume that he has foreign blood because of his "tisoy" features, but both his parents are Filipinos.


2. Seth was a PBB housemate.

Before his foray into acting, Seth started out as a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, the reality TV show's eighth season where he was dubbed "The Hope-pool Son of Cavite." He was eventually evicted during Week Eight of the first batch of housemates.

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After his PBB stint, Seth went on to star in Kadenang Ginto as Mikoy, where he was teamed up with Gen Z star Andrea Brillantes. Seth is currently part of the main cast of a new teleserye called Huwag Kang Mangamba, where he is reunited with his Kadenang Ginto squad.


3. Seth used to dream of becoming a seaman.

Ever since he was younger, Seth had always dreamed of becoming a seaman. If he wasn't in showbiz right now, he sees himself pursuing this line of work. But if not a seaman, Seth said that he would most probably be working in fast food chains.


4. Seth is a fan of John Lloyd Cruz.

Like many of us, Seth has huge respect for JLC. If given the chance in the future, Seth would want to work with him on a project. In terms of international stars, on the other hand, Seth said he admires Leonardo DiCaprio.


5. Seth is a self-confessed shy boy.

Although Seth gives off a vibe that makes you want to be friends with him, he admitted that he is actually mahiyain at first. While his Squad mates jokingly teased him about being the opposite, they later on agreed that Seth actually gets really shy at first because he's still trying to get a feel of the people he's with. Once he's more comfortable in their presence, he starts opening himself up to the people around him. In fact, he later on confessed that he's "makulit and maloko minsan!"


6. Seth is a motorcycle enthusiast.

Not many may know this about the 19-year-old, but Seth is a huge fan of motorcycles. He hopes to get an adventure bike or a scrambler motorcycle for himself in the future. He also wanted to get a scooter, but said that a certain someone (aka Andrea) didn't want him to do so. In Andrea's defense, it was because she wanted him to save up for the house he's hoping to build for his family. Awww, talk about being supportive of each other's dreams in life!


7. Seth has a pet dog.

Seth is also an animal lover! He has a long coat chihuahua named Whiskey for a pet. On why he named his dog Whiskey, Seth says, "kasi kakaiba at para astig pakinggan." On how he decided on getting this particular chihuahua, Seth said that Whiskey caught his eye when he came to the pet shop. And when he approached Whiskey, it felt like they immediately knew they were meant to be each other's companions. It's like they were made to meet each other!


8. Seth's friends think he is someone who's full of wisdom.

To celebrate his 18th birthday in 2020, the Gold Squad—Seth, Kyle Echarri, Andrea Brillantes, and Francine Diazmet on Zoom where they talked about 18 facts about Seth. When it was Kyle's turn to state one fact about Seth, he said that he was a really wise guy. "Si Seth, napakalalim niyang tao. If ever one of us is down, kung makakatulong siya sa amin he will do his best to help us." Good to know that the Gold Squad has each other's backs!



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