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These SEVENTEEN Songs Will Make You A Carat In No Time

PHOTO: Seventeen/Pledis Entertainment

There's a reason why fans would go crazy in love with their favorite K-pop artists. It can be because of their undeniably good looks, outstanding talent (and hard work), or meaningful songs that speak volumes. SEVENTEEN shines as one of the biggest K-pop acts that have all three—and even more.

The 13-member K-pop group (yes, you read that right; the equation comes from the 13 members + three (3) sub-units + the group as one = 17) doesn't skimp on giving a long list of reasons for them to be loved by Carats (the official fandom name). From their visuals, vocals, and synchronized dance steps, to the ability to pen and compose their songs and create their own choreography, who wouldn't get closer to them and be head over heels? Certainly not us. Plus, they remind us to drink water, eat chicken because it can heal our hearts, and keep on fighting.


With just a short time, the "self-producing" idols have released several tracks that can go from club party beats to soulful ballads, and will either allow you to enjoy the fast life or take things slow. All of the members can definitely sing (we can attest to that!), and their versatility is enough for us to clap, say thanks, and write them a love letter. Their songs are all likable, too, that we found it hard to narrow them down. But lo and behold, here are 13 songs from the 13 endearing boys that will make your heart go boom boom:

1. "Pretty U"

SEVENTEEN serenades in a feel-good bubblegum pop on the many firsts of falling in love. "Pretty U" is all about confessing to a girl, finding the right words to say, and the nerve-wracking moments it comes with. The out-of-the-box theatrical choreography is nothing but cute, and we promise that this composition will make you feel pretty, too. Everybody say: Awww!

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When I see you it's breathtaking

Normally I'm not like this

I want to pick and gather all the pretty words for you

They stick in my throat in front of you


"VERY NICE" successfully made its way towards the growing K-pop scene in 2016 with its addictive, high-energy components, and equally high notes that will excite you. As powerful as the song are the dance steps that pops and locks and brings everyone to the yard. Watch as this catchy track retains on your mind, and make you go aju nice!


I used to need wake-up calls in the morning

So why am I waking up so easily today

Maybe it's because I have a date today

I even had a nice dream last night

3. "Mansae"

Hear them sing their introduction, "Say the name, SEVENTEEN!", in a well-loved, 2015 classic that earned them a lot of fans. Mansae translates to "hooray!" in Korean, a fitting song title that will make you want to celebrate.



I used to be a cold guy

But now I worry about you all the time

4. "Swimming Fool"

Don't be fooled by the title of this single from the group's Performance Unit—it's an interesting wordplay on drowning in love that we're not even ~kimbap~ kidding when we say that it's so groovy, it will have you throw your hands up. *winks*


I'm a swimming fool

I want to not think of you sometimes

I think I'm gonna go crazy when I think of you

5. "HIT"

See a more powerful side of the group with a hit so intense you won't have time to breathe while dancing on the floor. "HIT" is an EDM pride from their 2019 album, An Ode, that featured a different image of the group and a departure from their early styles. Listen to this when you want an instant mood-maker and prepare to go wow wow wow as they drop the eumak.



Let me drop the music

Let's sing this song for us

Beyond our limits, we are higher

6. "Oh My!"

Kicking off with a laidback yet funky melody, "Oh My" is an ideal anthem for a sunny afternoon, and is the title track from the group's fifth mini-album, You Make My Day. With the cheerful feels it produces, we're pretty sure that this song will make your day within three minutes and 15 seconds


Let's hum together

Let's share earphones

On the sketchbook of my brain, I draw you out every day

(What am I saying)

Anyway, I just like you

7. "Our dawn is hotter than day"

From the same mini-album is a side B track that is perfect for a long drive to the beach before sunset or during camping with your friends. It's a cozy effort that's both gentle and fun to listen to, we wouldn't be surprised if you play this all summer long (or even during another season).



When the day is bright

The world is ours

8. "Run to you"

An ideal OST for an anime, we imagine our eyes glued to the television as we hum along to this number. "Run to you"  belongs to the rock-pop genre, which surpassed fan expectations that they simply can't get enough of.


I'll follow the line that connects us two

When you said you engraved my name in your heart

Remember why my eyes grew so big

9. "Don't Wanna Cry"

SEVENTEEN climbed the international charts in an impressive, award-winning sentimental track that expresses the longing after a breakup. The buildup of "Don't Wanna Cry" is simply breathtaking, and the music video is just as majestic—with shots of the desert paired with the iconic dance steps that will leave you in awe (we kept saying "whoa!" the entire time).


I'm alright (I'm not alright)

I don't miss you (I miss you so much)


With words I don't even mean

Even if they're lies, I need to say it

10. "Without You"

Here's a song that proves orchestral music can jive well with EDM. Its opening choreography also seamlessly connects to the ending dance routine for "Don't Wanna Cry", making it a masterpiece itself. "Without You" is an emotional song but we're delighted to have this one on our list.


Now I know that you're not there

And knowing that it hurts a lot

To say that I'm okay

I don't even want to say it

11. Smile Flower


We now know why "Smile Flower" is everyone's personal favorite: It's specially written by the group's resident composer, Woozi, while thinking of their fans. This touching ballad is where you can witness all 13 members sing, and feel the genuine emotions from within. Wait, are those tears in your eyes? Because we are already wiping ours.



Whenever, wherever

Even if we're not together, just like always

Our smile flowers bloom

I'll be the spring to your smile

12. Healing


If there's a song that will make you put your heart on your chest and feel the happiness it's surrounded with, this would probably it. "Healing" will encourage you to file for a vacation leave, pack your bags, and fly to a place that will mend your heart and cast off your worries. Its vlog-style, aesthetic music video gives also gives that soothing feeling, we're not wondering anymore if the song itself (and SEVENTEEN) eventually becomes the healing that you're looking for.


You can rest for a moment

Don't think about anything

13. "Check-In"


SEVENTEEN's Hip-hop Unit takes mixtapes up a notch with "Check-In", a track that overflows with so much edge and charisma. Aside from that, the music video's cinematography is also superb, and did we mention that Manila was sung in the chorus, too? Filipino Carats are probably screaming in joy when they first heard this!



Time is running too slow

And I can't fall asleep with all these inspirations popping up in my head, hold up

Check out all the songs here:

And catch SEVENTEEN live for their upcoming concert, An Ode To You, on February 8 at the Mall of Asia Arena!

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