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All The Juicy Details We Know About 'Sex/Life' Season 2

Yep, I need this show back in my life IMMEDIATELY.
The Sexiest Moments From Netflix's Sex/Life

The pandemic birthed a lot of television shows, but none of those programs captivated and aroused the masses quite like Sex/Life has. Just a lil recap—Sex/Life follows the life of Billie Connelly, a suburban wife and mother who ultimately starts thinking about her wild sexual past with her ex Brad Simon when she starts feeling unfulfilled in her marriage to husband Cooper. From there, the show goes from 0 to 100 real quick—have you seen those !!! sex scenes???

That being said, it's time we get into all the details that Season 2 of Sex/Life has to offer, including the most obvious question on everyone's mind: Has Netflix decided to renew it yet? Find the answers you so desperately seek below, but please be warned…there are spoilers ahead!

Sooo, are we getting a Season 2? 

Simply put: We don't know yet! But if the streaming numbers don't lie—the show did manage to secure a top 10 spot on Netflix in the UK, after all—there's a pretty big chance that the streaming giants will approve it for a second (and possibly third!) season if we're lucky.

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Which cast members will be returning? 

If Netflix decides to bless us with a second season, then we should expect to see all the main characters returning—Billie (Sarah Shahi), Brad (Adam Demos), Cooper (Mike Vogel), and Sasha (Margaret Odette). We also can't forget Francesca (Li Jun Li), Cooper's coworker Devon (Jonathan Sadowski), and Devon's wife, Trina (Amber Goldfarb), either. Plus—new seasons sometimes mean new cast members, so fingers crossed for that!

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What will Season 2 be about? 

I personally did not envy Billie for the amount of decision-making she needed to do to find out what path was right for her, TBH. All that mental anguish Billie went through with Brad and Cooper? Hard! Pass!

According to showrunner Stacy Rukeyser, "It was really important that it was not an easy choice, and as the season goes on, the layers are peeled back on both of the men and you understand why Brad is the way that he is and what was the trouble in their relationship but also what was the trauma that he was dealing with," she told Collider. "Hopefully people will go back and forth over the course of the season."

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Cooper also failed to let himself be present with Billie during their sexual moments, and that caused a wedge between them.

"Over long relationships, we develop blind spots; we develop these areas where you think you’ve created this perfect life and this perfect marriage and this perfect family and perfect home," Mike Vogel said told Screenrant. "I think that's where Cooper is. He says, 'Okay, I've got this taken care of. We've got the kids taken care of. Let's concentrate over here on the career and this other thing.' And in doing so, he doesn't realize these feelings that have been stirring in his wife…When he comes to realize that, it asks the question, 'Is it too late, or is this something that still can be fought for?' And Cooper's wanting to be up for that challenge."

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The season ends with Billie telling Brad that she wants to get sexy with him but has no interest (at least at the moment) in leaving Cooper. We can expect Season 2 to be a continuation of these complicated emotions, which means more drama!

That's all we know about Sex/Life Season 2 so far, but please stay tuned for updates!


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