Here's What Sharon Cuneta Did After Experiencing Discrimination At A Jewelry Store In Hong Kong

She ended up buying more than she needed!
PHOTO: Instagram/reallysharoncuneta

Sharon Cuneta has revealed that like Regine Velasquez, she too has experienced discrimination while shopping in a luxury store overseas. The megastar shared her story on Tonight with Boy Abunda, where the two Filipino singers were promoting their joint concert Iconic.

According to Sharon, she has gone through similar incidents thrice. She then recounted one incident that occurred at a Cartier store in Hong Kong.

"[I was dressed] Very simple kasi, shirt lang and jeans," the singer shared. She said that when she tried to catch the attention of one sales representative, they cut her off rudely and didn't attend to her. "I said, 'Excuse me-' [and they told me] 'I'm not finished yet. I'm doing-' ganyan ganyan."

What Sharon did next is reminiscent of how Regine handled being discriminated against in New York—she shopped. "There was another sales rep that was very nice and I ended up buying things that I didn't really need 'cause I was so angry," she revealed. "Ako galit ako pag Pilipino inaapi eh."

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After Sharon told her story, Regine commented that it isn't only them who experience discrimination in luxury stores, "Siyempre yung purpose mo is to treat yourself to something nice. You work so hard for that so that you can also buy something pretty for yourself." Sharon continued, "No one can fault you for buying something expensive because you worked for it."

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