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Sharon Cuneta Was Brought To A Hospital Due To A Painful Eye Irritation

She says it was 'majorly painful.'
PHOTO: Instagram/reallysharoncuneta

It wasn't an easy day for Sharon Cuneta on January 12.

The actress took to her Instagram account to share that she had actually been rushed to the hospital due to eye irritation. The photo featured one of her eyes in a bandage.

"Majorly painful / painfully major eye irritation tonight," Sharon wrote in her post. "Had to be rushed to the Makati Med E.R. Buti walang scratch or foreign body. Na-irritate lang dahil sa bahay when it was itchy and a bit sakit [so] I scratched and washed it."

She even managed to joke about looking like a pirate with her bandaged eye. She didn't indicate the specific cause of the eye irritation.

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"Ayan. Kulang na lang makasama ko si Johnny Depp. Sabay na kami mag-Pirates sa Caribbean. Haaayyy napakaKYUUUUUUUUUUUT talaga ng buhay ko nitong mga araw na ito!"

Earlier in January, Sharon renewed her contract with ABS-CBN for another year, despite previous hints of retiring from showbiz after more than 40 years in the business.

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