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Sharon Cuneta Pens A Sweet Message To KC Concepcion: 'You are not alone'

Sharon Cuneta Reminds KC Concepcion That She Is Not Alone
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/reallysharoncuneta, Instagram/itskcconcepcion

Everyone knows that KC Concepcion is the daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. She's sometimes called the "Megadaughter" as a play on her mom's title, Megastar. Simply put, KC is considered showbiz royalty. 

Her parents split and had their marriage annulled. Sharon is now married to Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, and Gabby is together with his wife, Genevieve Gonzales. KC shared how she feels about being the daughter of separated parents during an interview with Luchi Cruz Valdez on the online show,Usapang Real Life. She became emotional but went on to tell all.

She started by explaining the current family setup. "Mama ko kasi, she has her own family. My Papa also has his own family," she said. And then she revealed that she sometimes feels pressured because she always wants to make her parents proud.


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"Ako lang kasi ‘yung nagi-isang anak nila na silang dalawa," she added. "So mayroon akong complex na gusto ko silang gawing proud sa akin. Gusto ko, may mga gawin ako na ikaka-proud nila. Gusto ko lang na maging proud sila sa akin," she explained. KC became teary-eyed at this point.

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Her mom, Sharon, saw the interview snippet and posted an open letter to remind KC how she is loved. In an Instagram post, Sharon wrote: "My eldest, this baby girl, should never have been made to feel alone."

Sharon also clarified that KC was born in a family that was filled with love, but eventually, she and Gabby had to part ways. "She didn’t choose to be born into a family that started out with so much love only to be broken apart into a million pieces," Sharon said in the caption.

She went on to say that KC will always be special to her and Gabby: "And in a sense, whether we-or they-like it or not, we three still always will be, my Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion. Papa and Mama will love you forever. You will always be our first child, the first who made us parents."


Sharon finished her post with: "You are not alone. If anything, there’s more of us on both sides for you! Still...I feel you anak. Mija. Our baby girl."

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