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Sharon Cuneta Still Thinks Of Piolo Pascual As Her Son

No more hard feelings here.

In a dramatic turn of events (much like the fictional characters they portray onscreen), Sharon Cuneta and Piolo Pascual have made amends. In case y’all have forgotten, Sharon denounced Piolo after he and her daughter KC Concepcion had that much-publicized breakup back in 2011. Such troubling times those were.

Now, it looks like time has definitely healed old wounds. Sharon took to Facebook and shared how her reconciliation with Piolo came about, repeatedly referring to him as her "son":

I was in my wheelchair amongst friends and I didn't see him coming. He hugged me tight and when I looked at his face, I hugged him back so tight..."I am so sorrys" and "I love yous" and "I miss yous" later, making me tear up...I thanked Father God for the happiness in my heart.

My "son," who is the only one I managed to hurt (and I imagine, his family too...)—and he knows this: because not just my daughter but I loved him very much, and sometimes it is the ones we love that we hurt and are hurt by, is still, after all is said and done, my "son" that I love.

I know your apology was sincere. Please know that mine was, too. I think of your mama and feel very badly about how she must've felt, because she too, is a mother like me. I am sorry that you and my baby had to end your relationship, and I am sorry for how very publicly I made my emotions known. For what it's worth, I was not that kind of person. Was not, am not, and hopefully never will be. I believe you know that in your heart.

Sharon then shared this sweet pic of the two of them. The past is definitely behind them. Awww!


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