Shawn Mendes' New Calvin Klein Ad Is Super Hot And His Fans Are THIRSTY In The Comments

'Who else got pregnant after watching this? Only me?'
PHOTO: Instagram/shawnmendes
  • Calvin Klein just released their new campaign with Shawn Mendes, and damn, these pics are absolutely unreal.
  • His fans, naturally, are having a very thirsty response to this content.

Calvin Klein just blessed the world with another star-studded thirst campaign, and one of the stars of that campaign is your boy Shawn Mendes. It goes without saying that the pictures are very hot, and and naturally, his fans are freaking out in the comments.

The company released a video of his photo shoot, which shows his glorious abs/body/face, and people went off. Please enjoy this sampling of the best ones:

  • "Who else got pregnant after watching this? Only me?"
  • "Everybody say thank you calvin klein."
  • "And this is why I'm single, cause Shawn set my standarts wayyyy too high." STANDARTS. That's officially my new favorite word.
  • "Please never put clothes on. Thank you *heart emoji*." SECONDED.
  • "I need a breathe." This girl can't even spell and I, frankly, understand.
  • "MERCYYYYYYY." A little Uncle Jesse reference here, I dig it.
  • "Okay children, repeat after me, say: thank you Calvin Klein."
  • "dear God pls never lend shawn mendes a piece of cloth." RTRTRTRT
  • "hi daddy mendes." Yeah, there had to be at least one "daddy" in here.
  • "yo Calvin Klein is trying to kill me with all this Shawn Mendes."
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FYI, when Shawn posted this on his own Instagram, the carousel of photos got over 200,000 comments. On average, Shawn's Instas get, like, 20,000 or 30,000 comments. So yeah, the fans are HEATED after this one.

There's also a video where bb Shawn talks about "his truth," which is the slogan for the campaign. It's adorable and it features this very sexy quote: "I think the real strength is putting yourself out there, whether that's in your music or just in life, in general. I'm vulnerable, and I think that's a good thing."

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