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Shay Mitchell Gives A Shout-Out To Catriona Gray And Anne Curtis

You have to see them fangirl over each other!

In town with Penn Badgley to promote their Netflix series, You, Shay Mitchell has been posting loads of BTS photos and videos on Instagram. In one IG Story where she’s getting glammed up for press day, she gives a shout-out to Miss Universe Catriona Gray. “Just trying to look like Miss Universe here, you know what I mean?” 


Catriona reposted the video, saying, “OMG, BRB, fangirling!”

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Shay tagged makeup artist Robbie Pinera and hairstylist Raymond Santiago as her glam team for the day, the same duo who regularly works with Anne Curtis. In another video, she says, “Anne, I’m stealing your glam, okay?”

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Anne reposted the video as well, saying, “Haha! With pleasure! You look amazing! Enjoy Manila Thrilla!” Anne also congratulated her “mamangs,” Robbie and Raymond. 

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