Shay Mitchell Is Being Accused Of Faking Her IG Vacation Photos

Is she actually a pretty little liar??! (Sorry.)
PHOTO: Instagram/shaymitchell

Shay Mitchell is being accused of stealing photos and passing them off as her own. Oh dear!

The former Pretty Little Liars star was called out by StyleCaster for allegedly stealing photos from other sources and passing them off as her own. Here is their evidence from her latest #Shaycation Insta feed:

Shay posted a photo of the Monster Building in Hong Kong to her Insta stories with the caption, "Night views," but the site spotted the same photo on the Canon travel blog. Check out Shay's on the left and the original below:

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They also point to the image of the cursor, which can be seen in the lower left side of Shay's pic:


They have other examples, too:

She posted a picture of a pastel-colored building on her recent trip to China, captioning the photo, "When buildings inspire your next nail polish change #pastels #ShaycationHongKong." Well, that picture from 2014 is from photographer Jan Vranovsky, who took it in Tokyo, Japan.

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And there are other examples, too—Shay posted an Instagram of a building with a red door, captioning the pic, "SHANGHAI." However, the original photo appears to be from the travel bookings website Isango!

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However, Shay is apparently the one to have the final word—yesterday the 30-year-old posted a pic of herself in front of the Shanghai skyline with the caption, "View so nice it almost looks… fake."

ZING! I guess!


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