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WATCH: Shay Mitchell Shows Us What Her First Year Of Motherhood Was Like

Her daughter, Atlas, is the *cutest* bb!

In October 2019, You star Shay Mitchell announced the birth of her first child with boyfriend Matte Babel, a baby daughter named Atlas. Shay took a break from creating content for YouTube to focus on being a mom, but now she's back!

The actress posted for new vlog recapping her first year of motherhood, and she says, "nothing is the same, and it's all for the better."

Shay Mitchell, Matte Babel, and baby Atlas
Shay and Matte teaching Atlas how to say "mama" and "dada." YOUTUBE/SHAY MITCHELL
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Fans get to see a lot of their *firsts* including: Shay's first night with Atlas by herself—she didn't get much sleep; the day the decided to start sleep training; their first time swimming in the pool; Atlas' first trip to the beach; and so many more milestones. 

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Shay Mitchell's first year of motherhood: Atlas swimming for the first time
Atlas' first time in a swimming pool! YOUTUBE/SHAY MITCHELL
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Shay revealed that she endured a lot of judgment in the beginning—especially when it looked like she was partying "three days after giving birth" (it wasn't three days). 

Shay Mitchell's first year of motherhood: Shay feeding Atlas
How precious is this moment? YOUTUBE/SHAY MITCHELL

It's been one full year of mama bliss for Shay and boyfriend Matte, which they celebrated with a wall of photos of their baby girl and a map-themed birthday cake that's TDF. 

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Shay Mitchell's first year of motherhood: Atlas' first birthday cake
A map-themed cake for Atlas' first birthday! YOUTUBE/SHAY MITCHELL

We can't wait to see more of this family's sweet moments!

Watch the entire video below:


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