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She’s All And More, She’s Sarah Lahbati Gutierrez

When you see her Instagram feed, you see mother, you see businesswoman, you see uber fashionista. So how does Sarah Lahbati do it?

“Can we really have it all? Yes. But we can also ask for help when necessary and that’s nothing to be ashamed of."

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Sarah Lahbati by BJ Pascual for May 2022

Sarah Lahbati Gutierrez does not feel pressured to look “perfect”, especially on social media. She said she would rather focus on bettering the self from the inside, like being more kind to each other. Sarah’s following on Instagram is eight million. Despite this massive number of people watching her, she feels to have some sort of responsibility to try and inspire in small ways she can.

With more than a decade of being in the limelight, first as an actor and now as one of the most followed creators in the country, Sarah has a lot to juggle on her plate. She is also a hands-on mother to Zion and Kai, a loving wife and a budding entrepreneur. She admits to feeling overwhelmed.

”It does get overwhelming sometimes having to balance everything. From making sure I help my husband with whatever he needs, staying on top of Zion’s online classes, and helping him with studying his homework to making sure Kai is growing up healthy and at the same time managing my work and our household.”

These things are no walk in the park but Sarah, takes these things with pride and joy, while appreciating having her family and her husband, actor Richard Gutierrez by her side amidst challenging times.

“These are all things I take pride and joy in doing, and what makes it easier is having Chard and my family by my side. " Sarah proudly shared that staying organized with everything and time management is key.

Last March, Sarah was surprised by 150 roses from Richard to commemorate her return to work. After years of being together and being married, she still feels the same kilig as the first time. “Nothing feels better than receiving sweet surprises from your husband out of the blue. He continues to make me feel loved, appreciated, and uplifted. I’m one lucky woman.”

Having it all

A question that always plagues women, especially those who juggle family and career: Can you have it all? For Sarah, it depends on what “having it all” entails to one person and what makes one happy, along with what purpose and goal one wishes to reach in life.

“Can we really have it all? Yes. But we can also ask for help when necessary and that’s nothing to be ashamed of,” she shared.

Sarah said that at one point, you must ask yourself, “At what point do you tell yourself that you’re satisfied with where you’re at in life?” Sarah believes in setting one’s mind to something and working hard towards a goal.

“We women always evolve and grow. Even our goals change throughout the years once we accomplish them. It’s all about being fulfilled and feeling grateful about where we’re at or thriving some more towards reaching whatever we are working on or how we want to better ourselves,” she added.

For everything she has done so far in her career, Sarah remains grateful for the work blessing she receives. She said she is lucky to work alongside brands she looks up to. Besides, she feels extra auspicious for doing all these while being a mother. “Being able to balance being a working mom is not the easiest but very fulfilling, and I’d like to continue being able to do so while keeping my feet on the ground.”

Helping hand

Just like how she highlighted the importance of help and having people to support you, Sarah took upon her most stylish friends for advice on her TRESemmé House of Salon Lookbook featuring designer Boom Sason and entrepreneur Jess Wilson.

Sarah’s House of Salon lookbook took inspiration from the colors red and black to show strength, power, and confidence, vital to one’s style.

Fashion is something Sarah has always loved and had fun with. However, her style depends on her mood and what she’s about to do. “It’s a creative outlet for me,” Sarah said.

Besides the focus on putting together an outfit, Sarah places special care on her hair despite her busy schedule. She cites TRESemmé Keratin Smooth as her “salon treatment” at home, even managing hectic days.

“You know what I love about TRESemmé Keratin Smooth: it has Kera10 Protein Complex, which leaves my hair smooth and shiny,” Sarah said.

Jess Wilson also shared her love for TRESemmé because of its 10 salon benefits in one wash. For Boom Sason, TRESemmé is perfect for the hair because it detangles and strengthens the hair. Hairstylist Paul Nebres shared his favorite TRESemmé feature: heat protection because hair tends to be exposed to a lot of heat and styling.

Haircare should be an utmost priority, and for Sarah, it’s not shallow but a way to make yourself feel good and boost that confidence. “TRESemmé is trusted by professionals, keeping my hair salon-level daily.”

For those who don’t have time to go to the salon, this salon-level TRESemmé product is for you! Get TRESemmé Keratin Smooth in all leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide or online via Shopee, Lazada, or UStore. For more details, follow TRESemmé on Facebook.


Art Director: Pauline Moyano (@paumyn)

Production Manager: Gem Fernandez (@gempopot)

Photographer: BJ Pascual (@bjpascual)

Content Producer: Chelsey Brazal (@nadinebrazal)

Video Producer: Marga Mina (@mmvmina), Dustin Dagamac (@dustindagamac)

Hairstylist: Paul Nebres (@paulnebreshair)

Make up artist: Robbie Piñera (@robbiepinera)

Stylist: Maita Baello (@maitabaello)

Nails: Her Tribe Nails (@hertribenails)

Set Design: PRPL Studio, Jes Dizon (@prplstudioph)

Studio: Studio Justin Bella Alonte (@studio_justin.bella.alonte)

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