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Sheryn Regis’ Daughter Supports Her As A Lesbian: 'It doesn’t make you less of a mom'

The singer’s 18-year-old daughter shared her reaction to her mom’s newfound love with vlogger Mel de Guia.
Sheryn Regis' daughter expresses her support to her mom coming out as lesbian
PHOTO: Instagram/sherynregis

As far as coming out stories go, the one by Sheryn Regis is absolutely heartwarming. She came out publicly on partner Mel de Guia’s vlog last December 12 but revealed that her daughter and ex-husband knew about her identity for quite some time already.

The singer talked about this in an exclusive interview with celebrity columnist Ogie Diaz.

"She was eleven that time when I told her 'I’m not straight, Sweety.'", Sheryn shares about the moment she talked to her daughter about it. “She grew up sa America and sabi niya, ‘Oh well, I knew it, mommy! But it doesn’t make you less of a person, it doesn’t make you less of a mom’."

The Crystal Voice Of Asia also recalled what it’s like to open up to her ex-husband Earl Echiverri, with whom she was married since she was 18 years old. "Mas unang nalaman ni Tito Earl. Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Tito Earl, I am a lesbian.’"

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She also remembers telling her then-husband, "Yes Tito Earl, I’m living a lie. Not just to you, not just to the family, lie sa sarili ko. Kasi dine-deny ko."

Surprisingly, Sheryn says Earl reacted positively to her revelation, and even supported her on her coming-out journey. "Parang na-feel na niya," she says. "Kasi hindi kami naging normal na pamilya. I became selfish in a way na hindi ako naging asawa, pero naging ina.”

Sheryn admits that there was a time that she buried herself to work to divert her attention from the struggles of denying who she truly is. She says, "Syempre, lagi tayong naka-follow sa parents. Kung anong gusto nilang mangyari sa buhay, ifa-follow mo. Pero iba pala, Kuya Ogie. Kulang na kulang. Di ako masaya. Naramdaman ko na di ako 'to."

Nowadays, Sheryn’s partner Mel found a special bond with her family, including her ex-husband and daughter. The ‘modern family’ setup works well for the happy couple!

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Mel de Guia shares a sweet photo with Sheryn Regis.

Sweety, the singer’s daughter who is now 18, shared her heartfelt message to her mom in Mel’s vlog: "Over the past 18 years of being your daughter, you have taught me one thing and it’s that I need to strive to be the best person that I can ever be, and you are my number inspiration for that.

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"You are literally breaking out of your shell and coming out of your comfort zone just to be the person that you’ve always wanted to be."

She continues, showing her utmost support to her mom’s newfound happiness: "In love, there are no boundaries. Love is love, no matter what anybody says, and there are no labels, nothing, no stereotypes to live. Love is free, and you are free, mom. I love you and I’m proud of you."


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