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What You Need To Know About Shin Min Ah’s New Mystery Thriller Film, 'Diva'

It’s her first film in six years!
shin min ah's new mystery thriller movie, diva
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If you’re into thriller films, you might be already used to the ~scare~ the genre gives. But take this new film led by the phenomenal actress Shin Min Ah as something different—it's female-focused, and is about the story of two professional divers.

Diva is all about Lee Young (Shin Min Ah) who is dubbed as the “diva of the diving world.” However, she gets involved in a car accident, causing her to lose her memory. This leads to a series of unfortunate events connected to her best friend Soo Jin (Lee Yoo Young), who mysteriously disappears.


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In this trailer, you can see Lee Young at the height of her career. The clip is followed by scenes from her accident, and her conversation with her diving coach, Kim Hyun Min (Lee Kyu Hyung), who told her that Soo Jin is missing. Her nights were spent waking up in fear as she feels haunted by her best friend's disapperance.

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On September 20, Shin Min Ah posted stills from her movie on her Instagram account. One is a photo of her with a mysterious scar on her forehead, and another shows the actress holding a plastic bag filled with water (we’re guessing it has something to do with the jellyfish scene in the trailer).


The film tackles the rivalry between Shin Min Ah and Lee Yoo Young’s characters, which will make you think about the sincerity of their friendship. But in real life, the two lead actresses became close after training for their roles (which we believe is super intense, knowing that this involves a lot of diving scenes). In a press conference, Shin Min Ah said: “Four months before the movie, Lee Yoo Young and I met every day for training. That’s how we built camaraderie and comradeship. We got very close, so it felt comfortable when we were filming, as if I was working with a friend. She worked really hard, and I’m grateful to her.”

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Diva is Shin Min Ah’s comeback movie after six years. She starred in the movie My Love, My Bride with Jo Jung Suk in 2016, and in hit K-dramas such as Oh My Venus (2015) and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)—one of her most iconic roles. The actress will be celebrating her 20th debut anniversary next year, and is in talks to lead in the medical drama, I Am A Nurse, A Human.

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On the other hand, Lee Yoo Young, who made waves as an award-winning actress for her movies Late Spring and The Treacherous, will join the star-studded cast of MBC’s sci-fi crossover project SF8

Lee Kyu Hyung, who played the role of Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee)’s husband in Hi, Bye Mama and starred in a handful of top-rated K-dramas such as HwarangGoblin, and Prison Playbook is in talks for a Netflix Original zombie series, All Of Us Are Dead.

Diva will premiere in South Korea on September 23, 2020.

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