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10 *Super Short* Teleseryes To Binge-Watch On iWant

You can practically finish one show in just one night!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Touch Screen: Wittyrela/iWANT, (RIGHT) John En Martian/iWANT

1. Manillenials

This show features five millennials in their late 20s who "establish their friendship when a common friend manages to lure them in a networking scam." OMG! They all live in the metro and are trying to come to terms with their careers and their identities. 

No. of episodes: 12 

2. Bagman 

Benjo (Arjo Atayde) survives an attempt on his life and he vows to find out who orchestrated his assassination. He also happens to be the newly-elected governor of Magdiwang. His job becomes more complicated when a hitman named Emman (Carlo Aquino) enters the scene. 

No. of episodes:

3. Hinahanap Hanap Kita 

A group of friends team up to help their friend Helen (Maja Salvador) find her missing husband in Dubai. 

No. of episodes: 8

4. Call Me Tita 

A group of middle-aged women live seemingly *normal* lives until it is revealed that one of them is missing! As they search for her, alliances are formed and their friendship is tested. According to the show's iWant description, "The Titas who seem to have it all turn out to be the biggest messes. Each Tita is desperate to keep their secret in the dark."

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No. of episodes: 8

5. Mga Batang Poz 

This series tells the story of four Filipino teenagers—from different walks of life—with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and is based on the novel of the same name, which was written by Segundo Matias Jr

No. of episodes: 

6. Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 3 

Eugene Domingo—as Eugene Domingo—attempts to tell "the real untold story" of Jose Rizal's great love Josephine Bracken by directing AND starring in her new film! 

No. of episodes: 7

7. Jhon En Martian 

Jhon (Pepe Herrera) meets an alien named 223 (Arci Muñoz), a runaway bride, who believes that his delivery box is her spaceship. She even follows him to the airport! Together, they embark on a mission to look for the lost spaceship...and even fall in love. 

No. of episodes: 5

8. Touch Screen 

This anthology series focuses on technology and relationships! It highlights the impact of dating apps, the consequences of putting too much effort on social media and *clout*, and the effects of new gadgets on the "older" generation. 

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No. of episodes: 3

9. Past, Present, Perfect 

In 2003, high school student Shantal (Loisa Andalio) fell in love for her Filipino teacher Daniel (Vin Abrenica), but that, of course, went nowhere. 15 years later, Shantal (Shaina Magdayao) is now a writer, and she unexpectedly crosses paths with him at a reunion! 

No. of episodes: 7

10. Taiwan That You Love 

Ivi (Barbie Imperial) accidentally comes into possession of a mystical "Marriage Book," and she has to make three successful love *matches* in order to escape the fate of being alone forever! 

No. of episodes: 

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