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I'm Obsessed With 'Silent Vlogs' And You Might Love Them, Too

They're *so* relaxing.
PHOTO: youtube/sueddu

Are you the kind of person who always needs to have something playing in the background while doing something? It could be a TV show, a YouTube video, or music—white noise, if you will. I’m one of those people, but it looks like that could change soon, as I've just discovered a certain type of vlog that existed on YouTube. It looks like I won't be playing YouTube as white noise anymore. 

I don’t exactly know what these types of vlogs are called, but upon researching, a lot of the vloggers tag their videos as “silent vlogs.” They’re not like the typical ones we know. For one, the vloggers usually don’t show their faces, and they don’t hold their cameras to face them. They also don't talk a lot—some don't talk at all. They also don’t add upbeat music—it’s usually slow, mellow music, or nothing. (#ASMR). In short, they’re not really made to be played in the background while you do something, because you’ll want to watch everything. They're so freaking relaxing.

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Here, I listed down a few silent vloggers you’ll love to watch because they’re just so soothing:


Korean vlogger Ondo usually vlogs about her daily life including her activities and cooking. Her voice is also very soothing.

Erna Limdaugh

Erna’s aesthetic is 100 percent cool girl—do enjoy her winter morning routine.


Nami is a Japanese vlogger who upload some of the best food prep and cooking videos—ASMR galore!


Turn to this YouTube account if you’re looking for silent vlogs to help you relax after a long day. Even her Q&A vids are silent—you just have to read the captions.


One my favorite silent vlogs of hers is this one feature her cozy winter day at home.


Enjoy watching her paint and do crafts to clear your mind.


If you love watching food videos, you might end up watching all of this channel’s content!

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Watch her cook, clean, and even garden—so relaxing.

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