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This Guy Is Better At Walking In Heels Than Anyone Else On The Planet

He's Pinoy!
PHOTO: Instagram/sinonloresca

Miss Philippines Maxine Medina may not have won the crown at the Miss Universe pageant, but model, actor, comedian, and self-proclaimed social media entertainer Sinon Loresca is about to snatch it back from Miss France for her.

In a truly epic nod to the beauty queen last weekend, Loresca donned a Speedo and a pair of sky high heels and recreated her iconic walk—and the resulting video has since gone crazy viral, earning over 10 million views on Facebook. Once you watch it, it's easy to see why: I'm pretty sure there is no one on the planet who can strut in a pair of heels like this.

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And if, for some unfathomable reason, you're still doubting Loresca's skills at strutting in a pair of heels, here are just a few more examples of his complete and utter slayage.

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Someone get this man a crown, please!

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