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Watch This Netflix Documentary If You Ever Thought About Getting Cosmetic Surgery

skin decision: before and after on netflix

When we think of typical "plastic surgery" documentaries, we are reminded of "over-the-top" transformations and sensationalized botched procedures. But if you're looking for a series that will bring fresh insights about the world of beauty enhancements, give Netflix series Skin Decision: Before And After a try! 

What is Skin Decision: Before And After about? 

Skin and beauty expert Nurse Jamie and plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian consult with different clients and help them "bring out their best selves." At first glance, you'd think Skin Decision is just another makeover show, but it's really SO MUCH MORE than that. In the show, clients tell their backstories and go in-depth when it comes to their reasons for wanting to undergo procedures. What I personally loved about it is that the clients aren't aiming for perfection. To them, they're seeking help because they just want to be comfortable with their bodies. It's actually healing to watch. 

For example, in Episode 1, we meet domestic abuse victim Katrina Goodwin who suffered from multiple gunshot wounds after her ex-husband shot her nine times. She tells Nurse Jamie and Dr. Shiela that her scars are one of the last things left from what happened and that she didn't want people to ask her about them anymore. "When I look at these scars, that's what I think of. I think of lies, betrayal, hurt. I deserve to be happy again. I deserve a second chance...These scars remind me of everything that was taken from me. But these scars do not define me. They are not who I am, they're just a part of what happened to me." 


After watching the series, one Twitter user wrote: "Skin Decision on Netflix does a good job of showing how powerful cosmetic procedures/surgery can be. I'm tired of the narrative that women who get them always overdo it." Another said: "Skin Decision on Netflix has me crying. Skin and body issues can appear vain, but you don't know the emotional trauma that lies underneath." 

A little warning though: Skin Decision shows graphic images of patients while in surgery, so be prepared. Watch the trailer below: 


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