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So There's This Thing Called 'The AlDub Song' Now

'Parapapa-papa AlDub you!'

As if the phenomenon couldn’t get any bigger, someone had the brilliant idea of making a SONG about the most popular onscreen loveteam today: AlDub. What a way to jump on the bandwagon!

"The AlDub Song" was written and composed by Keiko Necesario, Isaiah Antonio, and Andrai Antonio. The trio worked on the song one Saturday afternoon and finished it in two hours.

I kid you not, after listening to this song you’ll get some MAJOR LSS. You’ll start singing along to the lyrics “Parapapa-papa AlDub you” and “Wag kang magalala, MaAlden kita” for like a whole day. #sorrynotsorry

Play at your own risk!

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