So This Is What It's Like To Get A Lap Dance From Zac Efron

#Bless you, Ellen DeGeneres!

As part of his efforts to promote his upcoming movie Dirty Grandpa, Zac Efron dropped by The Ellen Show and played a little game of “Heads Up” with Ellen DeGeneres. Of course, the game had to have a little twist, and things got a little naughty.

With the theme “Bad Behavior,” the TV host had to guess some very naughty things that Zac had to demonstrate:

AND BONUS! The game was also recorded through Ellen's iPad-looking device so the host was able to capture everything Zac did, but CLOSER! Below, the most glorious Zac Efron video you will EVER see:

Since we’re probably never going to experience this firsthand, this video will have to do. Love you forever, Zac! 

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