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Solenn Heussaff On Marriage With Nico Bolzico: 'Forever won't always make sense'


Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico have released the seventh and last chapter of their web series, Forever Makes Sense. They talk about why forever won’t actually make sense all the time, but loving someone means working on the relationship and choosing each other every day. 

Take their grand destination wedding in Combourg, France, where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Think a massive transpo strike delaying the arrival of their 156 guests; think Solenn throwing up on Nico’s face the night before their wedding. “Our wedding in Combourg proved further that Nico and I are meant to be, not because fate forced us to be together, but because we choose to do so every day.”

Despite being the internet’s #couplegoals, Solenn reveals that they’re just like any couple. “Forever doesn't make sense all the time. Forever doesn't make sense when Nico leaves his shirt in places in the house where the shirt should not be there.” LOL! “Then, he would make me laugh and I'd fall for him again and find him cute and forever would make sense again.”


On a more serious note, Solenn says, “There were times that I wouldn't like the person Nico would become when he was stressed. Or Nico wouldn't like me when I get too anxious and become the least nice person in the room… or during my period.”

“That is why it's very important to find that person who will be there for you and who will be patient and who will like you at a time when you're not the best energy to be around. Nico has stood by me and loved me at my best, at my worst. (Nico: That's Bullied Husbands' Club Rule #1323424!)”

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Solenn and Nico look forward to enjoying more everyday moments together until their next big adventure: “adding more sunshine to our home.” Nico says, “To those who didn't understand, we want to add humans to our home. No more pets or more windows!” Solenn’s only request? “Hopefully, Nico will not name our little sunshine after Lionel Messi.” LOL! 

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