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5 Long-Term Celebrity Couples And How They First Met

These celebs' meet-cutes will make you feel kilig!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/meganbata, (RIGHT) Instagram/solenn

Relationships come and go, especially in showbiz. But there are celebrity couples who have been together for what seems like forever, and they make us believe in true love. If you're in the mood for some kilig, check out these adorable stories of how five long-term celeb couples met and fell in love! 

1. Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico 

Solenn and Nico had a fun-sounding first meeting, which happened at a club: They met through a common friend, who funnily placed Solenn's hand on Nico's abs! 

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Their love story, however, didn't kick off from there. In the couple's web series called Forever Makes Sense: The SosBolz Love Story, Solenn shared that she was busy with her career when she met Nico. Likewise, the Argentine businessman was only staying in the Philippines for six months.

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It wasn't until their sixth unexpected meet up when their love story officially began, and it was Solenn who made the first move! 

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Solenn recalled, "I don't know what was I thinking but the next thing I know I asked for his number like it's no big deal because it should not be a big deal who will make the first move in any relationship. Take note, ladies and gents! And that simple power move was my ticket to a happy married life."

Eventually, Nico moved to the Philippines to live with his future wife. "That was the first big move I did for love, for Solenn," Nico shared in the web series.

The now-married couple welcomed their first baby last month! 

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2. Megan Young and Mikael Daez

For this newly-married couple, it all started with a "jacket." 

On Instagram, Megan recalled the sweet story of how they met backstage at a fashion show in 2010, while the beauty queen was on hosting duties. Mikael participated as a model. "I was feeling a bit down and the room was chilly [and] he innocently lent me his jacket," Megan fondly remembered. "We didn't really talk much that night but his gesture left a lasting impression!"

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Megan and Mikael kept their relationship a "big secret" for six years. On the show Tonight With Arnold Clavio, the Miss World 2013 titleholder shared that they both wanted to prioritize their own careers. "The reason why medyo lie low kami with our relationship before, kasi may obligations kami. Si Mikael, yung love team niya. Ako naman, yung Miss World. Gusto ko na medyo quiet lang pagdating sa relationship," explained Megan. 

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Mikael, later on, announced that they were a couple in 2017. The long-term couple officially sealed the deal last January 10, 2020, in an intimate church wedding

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Get to know more about why they kept their relationship private here: 

3. Yasmien Kurdi and Rey Soldevilla 

Yasmien and her non-showbiz partner Rey Soldevilla met on a plane three times before they had their first conversation. 

"Maraming beses na kami nag-meet sa plane pero hindi kami nag-uusap," Yasmien recalled in one of her YouTube videos. At that time, Yasmien's husband was working as a flight attendant (Rey is now working as a pilot), and the actress was frequently traveling for tapings. 

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Interestingly, their first conversation began because of a baul. Yasmien narrated, "On the third time, doon tayo nag-usap ng dahil sa isang baul. Yung baul na 'yon, bigay ng gobernardora ng Sultan Kudarat dahil galing akong Cotobato."

"Hinahabol ko yung taping ko, dala ko yung baul tapos hindi magkasya sa compartment noong pinapasok ko. So sabi niya i-check-in na lang daw. Saan daw ako dumaan?"

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Rey added, "Kasi nagtaka ako, e, ang laki-laki ng baul tapos nakapasok sa eroplano."

The rest, as they say, was history!

Watch them recount the full story here: 

4. Dianne Medina and Rodjun Cruz 

It was love at first sight for long-term couple Dianne Medina and Rodjun Cruz. In an interview on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, Rodjun revealed that he easily developed a crush on Dianne after seeing her host on TV. "Kasi binuksan ko yung TV, nakita ko mayroong isang magandang babae nag ho-host. Sabi ko, 'Sino yung babae na 'to? Sobrang ganda naman.'"

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The feeling was mutual for the TV host-actress. "Noong nakita ko si Rodjun, [naging] crush ko na siya kaagad," recalled Dianne. 

The two were together for over a decade before they finally tied the knot in December 2019 at the Manila Cathedral. 

When asked for her advice on how to make a relationship last, Dianne previously told Female Network: "We've been together for 12 years now, and we've been through a lot. In any challenge [that we face], we always make sure that communication is key. We talk about it. We make sure that breaking up is not our solution. We make sure that we fix it."

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5. Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez

Fun fact: Lucy Torres was a big fan of Richard Gomez before they became a couple! 

The mom of one was a budding model when she met Richard, who was at the prime of his career. They met during a shoot for a TV commercial. Fortunately, Lucy was able to capture this special moment in photos! On Valentine's Day 2019, she posted a series of snaps of them having lunch together.

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Lucy captioned the post, "1993. The first time we sat down to a meal—lunch break during the first shooting day of the first storyboard of our first TVC together." 

"I did not particularly like vegetables back then and you noticed I had eaten everything else on my plate but the carrots. 'You don't like carrots? Try them, they're good for the body.' I ate every last bit, not really tasting them, just getting them down. I needed to do that anyway because, frankly, I couldn't breathe." 

"I've loved you since I was 12, after all, and finally you were beside me. Real. Asking me to eat my vegetables. Plus earlier that day, on set indoors and under the light of the sun, your eyes were so beautiful, piercing. And I'd sometimes catch you staring at me, a little too long, a little too hard. Everything was a blur but you."

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Lucy and Richard have been married for two decades now. The two celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary in April 2019. 

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