Solenn Heussaff And Nico Bolzico Plan To Raise Their Baby As 'Full Pinoy'

'She is gonna be born here, she is gonna live here, we are not going anywhere.'
PHOTO: INstagram/nicobolzico

It's only the fourth month of Solenn Heussaff's pregnancy, but her husband Nico Bolzico and all of their friends and fans are already excited to meet the baby girl.

But since Nico is Argentinian and Solenn is Filipina-French, the former made a pronouncement that their daughter will be "full Pinoy."

Nico detailed this in an exclusive interview with on September 8.

Although their daughter will be Pinoy, French, and Argentinian by blood, she will be a hundred percent Filipino by heart.

"She is gonna be born here, she is gonna live here, we are not going anywhere," he affirmed.

"She is Filipina. We want her to have the full-on Filipino culture...and I want her to speak Tagalog properly, very well, so that will be a priority."

Solenn and Nico's first daughter may be raised here, but her parents will make sure that she speaks another language. 

"I also want her to be able to speak Spanish because my parents don't speak English, so Spanish will be a need so she can communicate with her grandparents in Argentina," Nico said.

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Will she be learning French, too?

Nico replied, "We can leave the French behind, we don't need it, so as long as she learns Filipino and Argentinian, I am okay, more Latin..."

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