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LOL, Solenn Heussaff Pulls A Prank On Nico Bolzico: 'It's payback time'

Well played, Solenn!

It’s a fact that Nico Bolzico loves playing pranks on his wife Solenn Heussaff. In February 2019, Nico admitted that some of his pranks do not sit well with Solenn. He said, “Solenn gets really upset for an hour, but then we laugh for a lot of days, so it’s worth it.”

This time, it was Solenn who got to pull a playful prank on Nico. The actress, who is due to give birth to her first child anytime soon, pretended that her water broke and Nico started to panic.

The couple shared the funny video on Nico’s Instagram account. Nico wrote, “Payback time from #Wifezilla.” 

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“I knew that one day, @solenn was going to get her revenge for all the times I pranked her, but I never expected to be today, in our 37th week of pregnancy, our actual due date,” Nico revealed.

He continued, “I should be upset but instead, I am proud! Well [played] my Padawan!”

Nico also shared his takeaway from Solenn’s prank: “Lesson learned: I am completely useless [at] times of emergency! Getting more prepared for when the actual day comes. Good boot camp training!” 

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