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Nico Got A New Haircut, And Solenn's Reaction Is Priceless

We feel you, Sos! LOLZ
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

This just in, straight from casa Bolzico: Nico got a haircut! But wait, what's so special about that? 

You see, in the past months, Nico's been sporting his signature shaggy maneall tousled and carefree. But Solenn Heussaff's hubby wanted a bit of a change, so he decided to have a trim. Here's the problem: The instructions he gave got lost in translation, and he ended up looking like Lego Man!

Nico recounted his exchange with his hairdresser but stressed that this was completely his fault (he blames his thick Argentinian accent!):

Hairdresser: "What style do you want?"
Me: "Nothing special, just not too short 'coz I'll look like Lego Man."

15 min later: "LEGO MAN REBORN."

Disclaimer: Because of my thick Argentine accent and my mouth full of popcorn, the hairdresser understood I wanted short! My fault, not his! The good news is that I really like the haircut now! So thank you so much!

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But what makes this story even better is his wifezilla Solenn's v v honest reaction upon seeing her hubby's hair. "She actually [choked] and burped at the same time, first time I see a human doing that," he wrote on the caption. LOL!

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Gotta love these two! <3

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