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South Korean Lawmakers Are Pushing For A Bill Called The 'Sulli Act'

The act aims to counter malicious comments.

In the wake of the sudden passing of former f(x) member Sulli on October 14, Soompi reported that South Korean lawmakers are pushing for a bill called the “Sulli Act” in an effort to counter malicious comments. The bill is set to be heard in December 2019 at the National Assembly’s Memorial Hall.

According to the report, those who are pushing for the bill include nine members of the National Assembly, as well as over 100 organizations such as the Global Culture & Art Solidarity, Federation of Korean Trade Unions, and Korean Government Employees’ Union. Over 200 celebrities who’ve experienced malicious comments are also supporting the bill.

Among those celebrities who are supporting the bill include Big Bang’s T.O.P. On October 16, it was reported that the singer reposted a screenshot of another Instagram user’s post as he wrote, “Malicious comments are murder. Freedom comes with responsibility.”

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Meanwhile, Korea Entertainment Management Association (CEMA), issued a statement on the issue as they said, “As anonymous verbal attacks and malicious rumors are ever-increasing to the point of becoming a serious societal issue, our organization will no longer stand by as cyber terror in the form of malicious comments go well beyond what people can accept as public figures and begin to trample people’s dignity and hurt their friends and loved ones. We are announcing that we will be taking action.”

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An autopsy on Sulli’s remains was conducted on October 16, and the Seongnam Sujeong Police Station said, “No suspicions of homicide, such as external forces or pressure, were discovered as a result of the preliminary autopsy.” A toxicology report has yet to be revealed, but the police said that they are set to close the investigation with no charges.

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