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South Korean President's Bodyguard Can't Believe We're Crushing On Him

Is it possible for this guy to look even better than he already does?

Netizens' fascination over Choi Young-jae, the 36-year-old hot bodyguard of South Korean President Moon Jae-in, seems to have gotten more intense after he spoke to Korea Times.

When asked how he felt about people gushing over his looks, Choi said, "It does not feel real yet. I think the attention is coming from the public's interest in President Moon's every move, so I feel good. I am very thankful for the spotlight and attention focused on me. But once again, I am also concerned [about] not [bringing] trouble for the President. As he was a presidential candidate of whom our fellow teammates are proud, I want us to be a team that President Moon is proud of."

It turns out that Choi is not a permanent member of the President's security detail. He actually just volunteered to be on the security team for the campaign period.

In the same interview, Choi revealed that he was an officer of Korea's Special Warfare Command for 10 years. "I was dispatched to Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates and worked as a VIP guard and as an instructor of the high-altitude infiltration team there," he explained.

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Choi likewise confirmed that he is married and has two kids. His wife is an English teacher, specifically a Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) instructor.  

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Choi said that he's now planning to spend more time with his family because he was away a lot when he was part of the President's security team. "I will enjoy a lot of time with my two daughters...I used to help with my wife's work before, so I also will help her after the break. I will do things that make me feel alive," he stated.

Netizens also dug up what might be pictures of Choi as a model. We'll let these pictures speak for themselves.