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VIDEO: The Spanish Royal Family Get Into A Feud On Easter Sunday

Royal drama = the best kind of drama.
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This past weekend, the Spanish royal family got in a very awkward feud in front of church-goers on Easter Sunday, and there's a video to prove it.

Let me break this down. The current queen, Letizia, and the former queen, Sofia, were walking out of church services this Sunday in Mallorca when they stopped to pose for pictures. Sofia went to take a picture with her granddaughters, which seems fairly innocent, but then, it looks like Letizia intentionally blocks the photo. Sofia SWATS HER HAND AWAY in response. See for yourself: 

So to repeat the play-by-play: Letizia blocks photo, Letizia reaches for her daughter's hand, Sofia pushes Letizia's hand away. Then it looks like they exchange some words, and Letizia's husband King Felipe steps in. IT'S UNCOMFY. Feel free to watch it again if you want to relive and cringe some more. 

If that exchange wasn't awkward enough, in another video from that same day, Queen Sofia is seen giving one of her granddaughters, Princess Leonor, a kiss on the forehead. After she turns away, Letizia wipes the spot on her daughter's head where Queen Sofia planted a kiss.

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The whole thing feels very P-E-T-T-Y.

Many on social media called the exchange what it is—really really awkward. Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, who is married to Queen Sofia's nephew, Crown Prince Pavlos, even weighed in on the controversy on Twitter. First, she wrote that "no grandmother deserves that type of treatment!" That tweet has since been deleted, but then she tweeted this not-so-subtle shade: 

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So basically the lesson to be learned here is that just because you wear a crown, doesn't mean your family isn't messed up AF. Please take solace in that fact.

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