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This Video Of The Spice Girls Calling Out Sexism Is Everything

'If you wanna be my lover, you gotta smash the patriarchy with my friends.'
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"Girl power" wasn't just a CD-selling motto for your forever-fave girl band the Spice Girls. It was—and is, because long live spice!—a lifestyle.

And that's made quite evident in a 1997 video that's recently resurfaced on Twitter in which the girls argue with a male director who'd insisted they show more breasts and skin while filming a Polaroid commercial (one in which they're dressed as schoolgirls, no less). Why? Well, because, cleeeeaaarrrly, "It's every male's fantasy," the man says.

Leave it to Scary Spice to throw out the most appropriate of comebacks: "Well, you can fuck off." And with that, the girls join their sister in berating the douchebro crew member:

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After claiming that it's just "show business," Ginger Spice labels the man a "chauvinistic pig," arguing that "that's such an easy cop out." And Ginger doesn't stop there, continuing as the man scrambles for a defense, "I understand that in advertising you're thinking sexy-sexy, but have you not heard of less is more anyway? You should know better. What sort of example is that?"

(Posh Spice, meanwhile, takes his sunglasses and tries to sell them because obviously she was already a fab fashion-focused business woman at that point.)

According to Hello Giggles, at that point, the Spice Girls were so aggravated that they left the shootBut not without giving one last (deserving) stab at the director as Mel B sarcastically says, "And we especially thank you," and turns to the camera, "because he's the one who said can you show a bit of cleavage and midriff. And we said no, girl power!"

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Long live the Spice Girls and this very '90s ad, in which you'll be happy to know the Spice Girls don't show any "cleavage" or "midriffs." 

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