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The Spice Girls Are Reportedly Going To Tour The U.S. Again

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In the opening verse of their last single together, 2007's "Headlines (Friendships Never End)," the Spice Girls sang:

"The time is now or never, to fit the missing piece
To take this on together, you make me feel complete."

And wow, they were lyrical prophets because the time is "now or never" indeed, emphasis on "now," and the missing piece was Posh Spice (because she never wants to have to sing in public again, basically). Because now they're apparently going on A TOUR OF THE UNITED STATES again together.

The girl group reunited last week for a catch-up—the first time all five members had been together since the 2012 Olympics. Along with a bunch of teaser Instagrams, they released a statement afterward confirming they were exploring "new opportunities" together again. I teared up! 


None have offered any specific details on what those opportunities are—the only thing any of them have said publicly, in fact, is that they all had sushi. (That's thanks to Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton and her British radio show.)

But TMZ is now reporting that a tour is on the horizon, set for "late summer," and being organized by the girl group's OG manager Simon Fuller (who was also at the big meeting last week). "Our sources say the plan now is for the group to hit the stage in England first," TMZ continued, "and then migrate over to the U.S." The Spice Girls previously toured the U.S. in 1998 on the Spiceworld Tour (as a quarter, after Geri had quit the band) and in 2007 on the Return of the Spice Girls Tour.

Also in "Headlines," which basically was the group telling us their future and we just didn't realize, the chorus promises:

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"Let's make the headlines, loud and true
I wanna tell the world I'm giving it all to you"

IT'S SO TRUE. And the (Spice)world is here receive it all too.

Update 2/7: This post has been corrected to reflect the fact that all five Spice Girls toured the U.S. in 2007, as part of their "Greatest Hits" reunion extravaganza.


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