Spotify Has Spoken: Here's What Pinoys Listened To In 2018

BRB, playing the top five songs on repeat.
PHOTO: Spotify

2018 is almost over and we can all say that we've had our fair share of heartbreaking songs, dance tracks, and Asian + Western artist collabs throughout the year. According to music streaming service Spotify, 2018's most-streamed artist globally is Drake (with 8.2 billion streams)! Following Drake, Post Malone, XXXTENTACION, J Balvin, and Ed Sheeran (who was the most-streamed artist last year) rounded out the Top 5 list of most streamed artists in the world. More importantly, Ariana Grande, is Spotify's most-streamed female artist worldwide!  

As for the Philippines though? First off, international superstars BTS have emerged as the most-streamed K-Pop artist in the Philippines and globally! Listen to them here: 

Also, here are the five songs Pinoys listened to the most this year: 

1. "Mundo" by IV Of Spades

2. "Kathang Isip" by Ben&Ben

3. "IDGAF" by Dua Lipa

4. "Tagpuan" - Moira Dela Torre

5. "The Middle" by Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey

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Here's what else you need to know: 

Most-Streamed Artists

2. Moira Dela Torre
3. Ed Sheeran
4. BTS
5. Maroon 5

Most-Streamed Male Artists

1. Ed Sheeran
2. Khalid
3. Lauv
4. Post Malone
5. Drake

Most-Streamed Female Artists

1. Moira Dela Torre
2. Dua Lipa
3. Ariana Grande
4. Taylor Swift
5. Camila Cabello

Most-Streamed Local Artists

1. Moira Dela Torre
2. December Avenue
3. Ben&Ben
4. Parokya Ni Edgar
5. IV Of Spades

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Recommended Videos

Most-Streamed Groups

2. BTS
3. Maroon 5
4. December Avenue
5. Ben&Ben

Most-Streamed Albums

1. Malaya - Moira Dela Torre
2. Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa
3. ÷ - Ed Sheeran
5.  Met You When I Was 18 (The Playlist) - Lauv

Guess what? You can actually check out YOUR personal favorites and top-streamed tracks! There's a microsite called Wrapped that allows you to see (and share) your 2018 playlist. 

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