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Spotted: Hot College Men In Back-To-Back Parties

In a special double-party Guyspotting feature, Cosmo asked college cuties what they like best about YOUR body!

If you're on a mission to snag a guy, you can get one step closer to success through your clothes. And we don't mean taking them off! Highlight the feature that would grab his attention--especially if you know it is one of your assets. You can do this by baring this part tastefully or wearing silhouettes, cuts, and colors that would make them look their best--say, a shoulder-baring top or a mini-dress that would flaunt your never-ending legs.

College Cosmo chicks could use a tip or two, too, when planning their school wardrobe. So Cosmo attended back-to-back parties of De La Salle students recently (one at The Venice Piazza in The Fort for the Youth Rendition 2010 event and another at Warehouse in Makati City for AdCreate's Celsius) to survey a bunch of good-looking college guys (you already know how cute Lasallians can get).  After scoping out college cuties, we asked them: “What do you love best about a woman’s body?”

Check out these guys--and their varied answers--by launching the gallery. Don’t forget to tell us who you find the cutest when you comment!

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