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Sue Is So Over Being Questioned About Her Sexuality After Haircut

PHOTO: Instagram/juliuscmua

Sue Ramirez is tired of people asking why she decided to sport a pixie cut.

The actress took to Twitter to air out some frustrations and debunk a common misconception. Many have gossiped that she cut her hair assuming that she is a lesbian. "Such a stupid question," Sue tweeted. "Is that how we base sexual orientation now? Hairstyle? Really?"


"Nagdududa na daw sila. Wow. Duda talaga? Ano 'to? Krimen? Kasalanan? E kung totoo nga? Ano naman? Masama ba?" wrote Sue.

She reiterated that she finds nothing wrong with being asked if she's a lesbian, but she doesn't appreciate that she is judged based solely on her hairstyle. "I am not offended to be called or asked if I am lesbian. There's nothing wrong with being so. I just hate how people judge sexuality so easily nowadays."

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