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Maris Racal And Sue Ramirez Condemn People Sexualizing Women's Bodies: 'Pag-aari namin 'to'

Maris and Sue have become victims of fake nude photos online.

"Itigil na ang pambabababoy ng katawan ng mga babae. Pag-aari namin 'to," Maris Racal wrote on Twitter last night. Maris and Sue Ramirez recently became the victims of maliciously edited photos: the original picture of them in swimsuits was posted on Sue's IG account in 2019 and was taken in Bangkok, Thailand, but it has been edited to make it seem like the two are topless. Sue turned 24 years old in July 2020 while Maris is 23

Maris' full tweet reads: "There's an edited photo of Sue and I spreading online. Kung sino man ang nag-edit noonwala kang utak. Itigil na ang pambabababoy ng katawan ng mga babae. Pagaari namin 'to. 2021 na, manyak ka pa rinMagbago na." 

In several Instagram posts, Sue asked her followers for help in locating the person responsible and ending this toxic culture: "Tulungan niyo ako na matapos na ang kulturang ito. Kulturang bumababoy sa mga kababaihan. Kulturang MAPANIRA. Kulturang KASUKLAM-SUKLAM. THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE...HINDI NA TAMA ITO. Masyado na kayong nawiwili sa mga panggagago niyo samin. AYOKO NANG MANAHIMIK. ABUSADO KAYO."

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Fellow celebrities like Iza Calzado expressed their support for the two, saying in the comments: "Sue and Maris, I am so sorry to see this. I hope you find the people behind this. Thank you for using your platform, your voice, to try and put an end to this horrible, disgusting behavior. Hold them accountable so they may learn their lesson." 

Today, Sue and Maris' home network ABS-CBN released a statement regarding the incident: "ABS-CBN and Star Magic condemn the illegally manipulating photos of celebrities or anyone, which is a form of gender-based online sexual harassment under RA 11313 or The Safe Spaces Act." Read the full statement below: 

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