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These Are Sunshine Cruz's Rules For Angelina, Sam, And Chesca When It Comes To Boyfriends And Parties

Sunshine IS one cool momma!
sunshine cruz's rules for daughters angelina, sam, and chesca

Sunshine Cruz shared several rules that she has for her three daughters Angelina, Sam, and Chesca when it comes to drinking, boyfriends, parties, and more.

Posted on TikTok on April 14, Angelina captioned the video "She's a cool mom" and proceeded to ask the actress about her views on seven things: Drinking, parties, curfew, boyfriends, friends, friends sleeping over, piercings, and tattoos

sunshine cruz's rules for daughters angelina, sam, and chesca
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Angelina asked, "So what are your rules for drinking?" Sunshine responded, "You cannot drink too much."

For parties, Sunshine said, "You have a curfew, I gave you a curfew." Angelina responded, "Speaking of curfew, what's your curfew?" Seemingly annoyed at the question, Sunshine said, "Hay, naku!" and the mother and daughter burst out in laughter. 

When it comes to boyfriends, Sunshine said that they can have boyfriends when they're 18 but added, "Pero it does not mean that you're 18 you can have a boyfriend na. It depends."

The actress also gave very smart advice when it comes to friends, saying, "Quality over quantity" is important. Regarding friends sleeping over, Sunshine said, "It's okay. I'd rather choose friends who sleep over kesa kayo ang mag-sleep over."

Saving the best for last, Angelina asked her mom about her thoughts on getting tattoos and piercings which are on-trend right now. While Sunshine is against her three girls getting piercings, it looks like she can compromise with tattoos, saying, "With my consent. I need to know." Angelina then talks about thinking of getting a back tattoo and in disbelief, Sunshine responds, "Ano'ng tattoo pinagsasasabi mo?"

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