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The Beginner's Guide To All The Members Of K-Pop Supergroup, SuperM

PHOTO: Instagram/superm

It's a big day for K-pop fans! SM Entertainment's head producer Lee Soo Man unveiled the label's ultra-super-boy-group SuperM, aka "the Avengers of K-pop," for the first time ever. What's so interesting and exciting about it is that the group's members are from the company's top boy groups! 

To be clear: This group is not just a "project group" or a "temporary unit," according to SM. SuperM will be promoted as a PERMANENT BRAND of its own, and the group will debut this coming October in the US and will be managed by Capitol Records! WHOA. 

Here, let's get to know Super M's awesome mems: 

1. Taemin of SHINee 

Taemin debuted at the age of 14 (yes, THAT young!) as the main dancer of SHINee in May 2008. He also debuted as a solo artist in August 2014, the first among his group to do so. Since then, he has released several solo albums and extended plays, including Press It and Move. Taemin also appeared in several Korean dramas and in a musical theatre performance! 


2. Kai of EXO  

Kai, 25, is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-unit EXO-K. He began dancing at eight years old and knows jazz, ballet, and hip-hop! Kai was the first EXO member to be formally introduced to the public in December 2011 and soon graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul in February 2012. He also played the male lead in the Korean drama Andante.

PS. He used to date BLACKPINK member Jennie!  

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3. Baekhyun of EXO 

27-year-old Baekhyun is a singer, songwriter, and actor. Like Kai, he is a member of EXO and is one of the group's main vocalists! He was the third member of the group to embark on a solo career and he launched his mini-album City Lights in July 2019. Fun fact: Baekhyun has an adorable Corgi named Mongryong!

4. Taeyong of NCT 127

Like Kai, Taeyong graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul! He was born in 1995 and dreamed of becoming a firefighter (SO CUTE) when he was a kid. According to his bandmates, he is a bit of a neat freak and tends to clean up after them! Taeyong debuted as a member of the group NCT U in April 2016. Soon after that, SM Entertainment formed a sub-unit named NCT 127 with seven members, including Taeyong.


5. Mark of NCT 127

Mark also debuted with NCT U in April 2016 with the debut single "The 7th Sense." He soon became part of NCT 127 as well. The 20-year-old rapper and singer is originally from Canada and was cast through the SM Global Audition in Vancouver! He speaks English and Korean, and his Korean name is Lee Min Hyung.

6. Lucas of WayV 

WayV is based in China and is the fourth sub-unit of the larger group NCT. It gets confusing, we know, but WayV is NCT's first sub-unit based outside of Korea! WayV member Lucas is only 20 years old and is the main rapper of his group. He was born in Hong Kong and is multilingual! He and can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Korean. Gosh!

7. Ten of WayV 

23-year-old Ten was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Ten is WayV's main dancer and he started his career by winning in the Thai TV show Teen Superstar in 2010! He debuted as a member of NCT in April 2016. Ten is fond of surfing and playing taekwondo, basketball, and the piano. 

You can visit the Super M official website here

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