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Fans On TikTok Have Spotted A Surprising Link Between 'You' Season 3 And 'Gilmore Girls'

Did you notice this?

Netflix's You Season 3 was full of tiny blink-and-you'll-miss-them details, with eagle-eyed viewers noticing everything from filming mistakes to hidden plot points.

Fans have previously theorized on links between You and shows including Emily In Paris and Gossip Girl, and now they've spotted a surprising connection between the Quinn-Goldbergs and long-running US series Gilmore Girls.

This time, the link all centers around Love's bakery, A Fresh Tart. We see Love open up A Fresh Tart early on in Season 3, with the bakery quickly becoming the scene of Natalie Engler's murder.

However, murder aside, viewers have noticed that A Fresh Tart actually appears to be across the street from where we see Luke's Diner in Gilmore Girls. Seems like a pretty random crossover, right?

Things appear even more confusing given the fact that You is set in the fictional town of Madre Linda in California, while Gilmore Girls takes place in the much-colder (and thousands of miles away) Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

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Still, it all makes sense, as it turns out both shows were actually filmed on the same Warner Bros set, with Netflix confirming the link to E! News.

Fans on TikTok have explained the connection, pointing out a clip of A Fresh Tart in You before zooming in on the building used as Luke's Diner in Gilmore Girls, which we can see in the background. See how it all comes together here:

@davidhopping Reply to @mdavis0688 Love’s bakery is right down the street from Luke’s Diner! #you #younetflix #joegoldberg #lovequinn #gilmoregirls #lukesdiner ? original sound - David Hopping

Meanwhile, the same set is also thought to be the location of the coffee shop Mia (Emma Stone) works in in La La Land, as well as being where Pretty Little Liars was reportedly filmed.

Who would have thought it?


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