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What You Need To Know About 'Sweet Home,' Netflix's New Korean Thriller Series

Tired of dramas and rom-coms? 'Sweet Home' is PERFECT for you.

As much as we love K-dramas and their tried and tested rom-com formula, we're all for exploring new genres from the Korean entertainment industry. And Netflix's latest Korean series definitely offers something ~different~. If you're into thrillers, suspense, MONSTERS, and gore, then Sweet Home is right up your alley. Don't let the title fool 'ya 'cause we're in for a gripping ride with this one. Here's all you need to know about Netflix's new Korean series!

What's the plot of Sweet Home?

Sweet Home is a 10-episode series that's based on a cult favorite webtoon of the same name. The story is set in a "unique world in which people turn into monsters that reflect their internal desires." According to Netflix, Sweet Home follows "Cha Hyeon Su, a reclusive high school student who moves into a new apartment called Green Home after a personal tragedy. He then faces a series of life-changing situations that brings him out to the world to save others."

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Netflix just dropped Sweet Home's first teaser, so check it out below:

Who's part of the Sweet Home cast?

The four main leads are of Sweet Home are:

Song Kang – most notably from Love Alarm


Lee Jin Uk – most notably from Voice

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Lee Si Young – most notably from No Mercy


Lee Do Hyun – most notably from 18 Again

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The rest of the ensemble includes Go Min Si (Love Alarm), Park Gyu Young (It's Okay To Not Be Okay), and Go Youn Jung (He Is Psychometric).

Who's directing Sweet Home?

You might have heard the name Lee Eung Bok who directed the hit dramas Goblin, Descendants Of The Sun, and Mr. Sunshine.

When is Sweet Home premiering on Netflix?

Y'all just have to wait for a little over a month because Sweet Home is premiering on Netflix on Friday, December 18.


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