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20 Incredibly Sweet Instagrams Luis Has Posted About Jessy

'Mahal na mahal ko 'to!'
PHOTO: Instagram/luckymanzano

We went on a deep dive into Luis Manzano's Instagram account to find all his super kilig posts about Jessy Mendiola, his girlfriend of two years. One look at Luis' IG would give you an idea of this guy's sense of humor: His grid is full of memes, funny photos, and really nasty blackhead extraction videos(!). But standing out from these jokester posts are photos of his "Howhow," whom he is obviously head of heels for! Here are 20 of them:

  1. When Luis posted about missing Jessy:

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  2. When Luis documented the first time he went scuba diving with Jessy:

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  3. Look at Luis and Jessy's "kissing booth" photo!

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  4. You'll notice how Luis uses "Hey!" in his captions when he's so overcome with luuurve, he doesn't know what to write (or so we're guessing!)...

  5. Here's one of the first few posts about how Luis loves Jessy's smile...

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  6. Look at this super gigil video of Luis and Jessy!

  7. When Luis said he missed laughing with Jessy:

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  8. Luis' term of endearment for Jessy is "Howhow"—it all started when he said "love" while imitating a cat's meow—and it just eventually evolved to "Howhow." 

  9. When Luis told Jessy it was time for "lambing."

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  10. When Luis said Jessy makes each day better. Aww!

  11. See what we said about "Hey hey?"

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  12. When someone baby talks, you know he's got it bad! Case in point: "wuv!"

  13. Just read this second anniversary greeting of Luis!

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  14. Meet Chewy, Luis' anniv gift for Jessy!

  15. Check out Luis and Jessy's "super damn great morning!"

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  16. When Luis gladly wore a Mickey Mouse headband for Jessy...

  17. Luis "can't help but smile" when Jessy's in front of him...

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  18. Luis with his two fave women: His mom Vilma Santos-Recto and Jessy!

  19. More "Howhow" posts, just because...

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  20. When Luis said, "Mahal na mahal ko 'to!"