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Our Dreams Of A New Taylor Swift Album Are Dead

It's not happening and this is why.

It doesn't matter whether you're Team Kimye or Team Swift. One thing is undeniable: Taylor can produce a damn catchy tune. 

I mean, we spent most of 2012 telling anyone that would listen that we were never, EVER getting back together (they were all like but we weren't ever together), then all of 2014 just ~*shaking it all off*~. 

It's been two years now, and there's a huge Blank Space in my life for a new T-Swift album. But if you thought that she would release a new album this year in her usual fashion (she's so far followed a pattern of bringing out an album every two years), then sadly your dreams are about to be shattered.

A Twitter user who goes by the name @Clean_swiftie13 asked if Taylor would be bringing out some new tunes this year, and Big Machine Records CEO Scott Borschetta responded with "NOPE." This exchange has since been deleted, but since nothing ever really disappears from the internet, here are screencaps of the conversation:

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He could have broken it to us a little gentler. He didn't have to be so mean. It's like when you text your crush and they reply "K." Not great.

It seems T is too busy living her best life with Tom Hiddleston. I blame him. It's like when your BFF gets a new boyfriend and says she's not coming out for the third weekend in a row, EXCEPT SO MUCH WORSE.

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