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Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Seem To Be Over Their Feud

Online anyway.
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Since saying goodbye to their relationship in June, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have stirred up so much shit, a timeline was made by yours truly to keep track of ~all the drama~. As with all good drama, this story has seemingly come to a satisfactory conclusion. Days after British GQ published a story in which Calvin publicly analyzed his relationship with Taylor (he said mostly good things, including the fact that "she respected my feelings"), Taylor sang her heart out during a New York Fashion Week show. It wasn't just any show — it was BFF Gigi Hadid's collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. And it wasn't just any song — it was "This Is What You Came For," co-written by Taylor aka Nils SjobergIt was the song that basically started all the drama. The sing-along moment was too good not to share with her 90.9 million followers. And so she shared this nice video:


Fans were quick to notice that one of the million or so people who liked Taylor's video was none other than her ex.

This could mean anything, really. Maybe Calvin and Taylor are friends again. Maybe Calvin just has a habit of liking things on Instagram but deep down, his likes mean nothing. Maybe Nils and Adam Wiles are secretly cooking up another collaboration and this is their way of teasing it. Fingers. Crossed (for option three).

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