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Taylor Swift's New Merch Has A Typo And Twitter Is Freaking Out

Can you see it???
PHOTO: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

First thing's first: Nobody is immune from the odd typo every now and then. We've all been there, it's embarrassing, but crap happens, right? Right. Having said that, we've never made a typo that potentially costs thousands or millions of pesos to fix. Which brings us to Taylor Swift's new merch line celebrating her recent latest single "ME!"

The songwith Panic at the Disco's Brendon Urieis the first sneak peek of Taylor's upcoming "TS7" album, so it's no surprise that fans want in on the smokin' hot merch. But it wasn't long before eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed a typo on some of the garments.

The lyrics, "You're the only one of you, baby that's the fun of you" emblazoned on one of the shirts writes "you're" as "your'e." Um, well this is kinda awks.

See the pics for yourself here:

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"EXCUSE ME! I've had this shirt for nearly a month and you're telling me it's had a typo THIS WHOLE TIME!!" wrote one user.

Before long, a stream of fans started sharing tweets of their own faulty merch:

"My shirt has the typo too," added another.

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"Okay so I've owned this for...oh a month...and just noticed this?! My excuse is I was just so damn excited for that heart confetti so @taylorswift13 and @taylornation13 what are you doing about this merch?"

Essentially, everyone agrees it's a typo. HOWEVER, the thing fans can't agree on is whether it's intentional or not. Especially when her new song explicitly references learning to spell. 

I mean, we all know that Tay likes to hide Easter eggs for her fans to hunt down and decode (just look at her music videos) but is this one of those instances or a simple typo?

Fans can't decide:

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"Hot take: The typos in the @taylorswift13 merchandise are on purpose and actually mean something."

"I find it funny that @taylorswift13 merchandise has a grammatical error and the people who purchased the clothing didn't notice until it was pointed [out] to them."

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"You guys... what if the typo on the @taylorswift13 merchandise is actually an Easter Egg?! Spelling may be fun but apparently, spelling is also hard."

Hmmmmmmmm.... good question. Sadly, it seems the only way we'll get to the bottom of this once and for all is to wait for more hints from T-Swizzle.


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