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Teen Girls Are Dating Their Dads To Save Their Virginity

Well, this is awkward...and creepy.

I don't have a single problem with anyone who wants to save their virginity for marriage. I do have a problem with creepy rituals in which girls essentially marry their fathers and use the hashtag #purityballs. In what amounts to a prom for your hymen, Purity Balls are now sweeping the nation (via The Daily Mail).

According to a Nightline Prime investigation that aired on March 22, daughters are pledging their virginity to their dads until marriage at these formal dances where they wear white gowns. Nightline Prime focused on a particular ceremony that takes place with over 60 father/daughter couples in Colorado. Alright, sure, weird and a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s not creepy...yet.

"You keep this [ring] on your finger and at this point you are married to the Lord and your father is your boyfriend," explains one of the dads, Ron Johnson.

Oh, OK. Sure, the only safe sex is no sex, but that doesn’t mean YOU ARE DATING YOUR DAD. This is the kind of stuff that grown-up daughters discuss in therapy. Also, let's brainstorm new names for this, yes? "Purity balls" makes me so uncomfortable. I think I’d prefer "Annual I Am Marrying My Daughter Gala" or even just "*moment of silence*."

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