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We Finally Know Who That Other *Ghost* Is In 'The Killer Bride'

PHOTO: The Killer Bride/ABS-CBN Entertainment

In the October 16 episode of ABS-CBN teleserye The Killer Bride, Camila (Maja Salvador) dresses up as the infamous ghost to force Mayor Juan Felipe's (James Blancoboyfriend and bodyguard Ivan (Angelo Patrimonio) to stop covering for him. However, she's SHOOKT when another Killer Bride appears! 

Camila has a fight scene with the *other bride*, and just when she's about to stab the person with a knife, the veil is lifted and the man yells: "Hindi tayo magkalabanTao ako ni Mayor!"

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As it turns out, the man was hired to dress up as the Killer Bride to mess with people's minds and divert their attention from Mayor Juan Felipe's scandals! Camila ends up knocking the man unconscious. Watch the scene here: 

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For weeks now, the town of Las Espadas in The Killer Bride has been dealing with a mysterious figure in a wedding dress and veil. Emma (Janella Salvador) and Elias (Joshua Garcia) have both seen it, although they don't know if they were just hallucinating or not. We're also wondering if THAT Killer Bride is the same as THIS Killer Bride, because there seems to be a lot of them!

Here's another tidbit: Even though the figure is called "The Killer Bride," it has never actually KILLED anyone before! But on October 16, an actual victim is killed for the first time: A member of Luna's (Alexa Ilacadbarkada, Benjamin (Aldrin Angeles). 

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Things are getting more exciting, you guys! Stay tuned!  

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